Madeline Grace Bowman


What we see, sense, hear, and feel shapes our experience. As an artist, it is my life’s purpose to create works that experientially uplift, inspire, and heal.


I come from a family of musicians and artists. Two of my grandparents were accomplished painters, and my mother, an author and commercial artist, instilled in me a love for a broad variety of mediums and styles. 


I trained professionally with Australian artist Cindy Wilder, Director of the Watercolor Society of Israel - Beni Gassenbauer; Southern California watercolorist Wendy Kappen, as well as internationally renowned artist Ardyn Halter, I also studied art history at Liberty University.


My work has been commissioned internationally and throughout the United States and is on display in private and commercial spaces in Los Angeles, Caesarea, Israel and the Pacific Northwest.

Artist Madeline Grace Bowman resides in Mendocino, California where she lives in the middle of a redwood forest in a restored 1974 Airstream Overlander with her amazing husband, wilderness mountain guide, and professional woodworker, Zachary Bowman.