How Did All This Crazy Begin?

Painting is how I process and capture moments that are dear to me. It’s how I bless people. It’s a form of storytelling. I’ve found my pen to tell my story; it looks like a paintbrush.


Art has been a staple in my life as far back as I can remember. I had an encouraging  and artistic set of parents, countless teachers and friends who encouraged me in my creative endeavors even as a little girl. Creativity has no limits and I had so many wonderful people to break the way for me. It wasn’t painting at first. Carving my name in our front door  with a pocket knife was one of my first explorations of artistic creativity. Needless to say my mother wasn’t too pleased with that but didn’t squash my eagerness. She redirected it. I was given the whole garage to build a studio of my own in. I put down leftover wood flooring from our home and painted it with leftover house paint and meticulously organized my paints and pens so they were color coordinated. I spent more time in my “studio” creating than I did anywhere else.


As I went through high school my studio become more organized and I began to have deep love for watercolor in particular. Watercolor is tricky. It goes where you don’t want it to and you have to dance with it to make it do what you want. I love that. I love that it is unpredictable. I relate to it. So I dove right in. I took classes in the medium, I moved around the world pursuing training and gathering cultural insights that began shaping my own style. The art of each place so different and with so much meaning. The colors come alive and tell a story special to the place and people. From Jerusalem, to Australia, to Texas, to the Rocky Mountains of Colorado and the sandy beaches of California, my paintings have taken on a unique and precious aspect influenced by each place I live. 


After moving every year for the past six years my husband and I are now living in our Airstream in the redwoods of Northern California, but rooted in Fort Collins, Colorado. I can’t wait to share more of our journey with you! 

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